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In a series of lively video modules, Carl Hausman, the author of “Present Like a Pro,” provides the viewer with skills that calm public-speaking jitters and channel nervous energy into a dynamic performance.  Each lesson offers specific, practical take-aways that can be implemented immediately. 

Some of the benefits from his ten-point program: 

  • Learning what audiences do and don't perceive about nervousness.
  • Developing an organizational framework that guarantees you won't get lost or off-track.
  • Employing techniques to minimize nervous mental noise before and during the talk.
  • Breathing techniques that not only prompt relaxation but make the voice more powerful and resonant.
  • Understanding how to deal with skeptical or hostile audience members.
  • Mastering the mindset that "fear is your friend" -- meaning that jitters are actually good for your performance if you learn how to channel them.

The program concludes with a brief test, which may be repeated, and upon successful completion, participants receive a certificate acknowledging their achievement.

After registration, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the course. Please call support if you need assistance.

Important Information:

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