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Registration will open on June 1, 2022. The course will not be accessible until August 31, 2022.

ASPIRE to Teach at Rowan University: 

Is a two-year program, four semesters of teaching in the classroom; designed to support your development as a teacher. Extensions beyond two-years are only granted for unforeseen circumstances, such as medical reasons. I am required to petition ASPIRE to Teach for an extension in writing providing documentation in the form of an official letter from a doctor and any other pertinent information. You are required to inform your ALI of all formal performance evaluations (fall and spring of each year) conducted by your school evaluator. These evaluations are required by NJDOE to ensure you are meeting the expectations at your school. Letting your ALI know of your scheduled evaluations will help support your progress in this program. 

Obtaining your standard teaching certification is dependent upon the following:  

1. Remaining in good standing with ASPIRE to Teach throughout the program.  
2. Demonstrating effectiveness in the classroom through both ASPIRE program activities and school based evaluations. 
3. Meeting all NJDOE requirements as outlined in the Provisional Teacher Process (PTP), including mentoring and performance assessment (edTPA). Please refer to the NJDOE  

“Guide to the Provisional Teacher Process”:

Semester 1 Topics:

  • Module 1: Teacher Toolbox: Integrating Technology into the Classroom 
  • Module 2: Getting Started in the Classroom
  • Module 3: Establishing a Positive Classroom Environment
  • Module 4: Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Online Learning Curriculum:  

Participation in ASPIRE to Teach requires a minimum weekly commitment of at least four study and activity hours. 

I am expected to complete and upload to the online learning platform all assigned online  learning activities each week (minimum of one online learning activity per week) or as  indicated in the ASPIRE program outline. NOTE: ASPIRE program outline is subject to  modifications. 

I may be required to resubmit work multiple times until I meet the learning objectives  for an activity. This may require that I complete more activities in a given week to keep  pace with the program. 

It is my responsibility to reach out to my ASPIRE Lead Instructor (ALI) for additional  clarification or support that I need for any activity. 

If I fall behind in my online learning activities, my school administrator may be  contacted to assist in helping design a path to get me back on track. 

If I do not keep pace with my online curriculum activities, I risk being dismissed  from the ASPIRE to Teach program.  

Video Coaching:  

I am required to record and upload a minimum of one-two video cycles per semester, for  coaching support from my ALI, unless otherwise noted in the syllabus or by my ALI. Each video I submit must be uploaded the same day as it is recorded, so that the  coaching feedback is useful in helping to make adjustments quickly to my  instruction and learning environment. Each video cycle requires that I upload a video, provide comments based on program  criteria, review my ALI’s feedback, and respond to my ALI’s questions. If I fail to upload videos in a timely manner, my school administrator may be contacted  to assist in helping design a path to get me back on track. If I do not keep pace with my video uploads, I risk being dismissed from the ASPIRE to  Teach program.

Professional Learning Community (PLC) Meetings:  

I am required to attend all PLCs, which occur on average once per month, to further my learning and  teacher development. PLC Meetings will be held once a month on Zoom on Saturdays from 8:30 – 1:30 pm on the Last Saturday of every month.

Personalized Check-ins:  

My ALI will work with me to schedule one-on-one monthly check-ins; more if determined by ALI and/or candidate. Collaboratively, the ALI and candidate will determine the best means for those meetings (video,  in-person, phone call, email, etc.). 

Performance Assessment – edTPA: 

As per NJDOE guidelines, effective September 1, 2017, all candidates seeking the Certificate of Eligibility  with Advanced Standing (CEAS) and Certificate of Eligibility (CE) holders seeking the Standard Certificate  are required to have participated in the edTPA and met the New Jersey approved passing standard(s). 

In order to complete the ASPIRE to Teach program, I am required to successfully submit all  aspects of the ASPIRE program portfolio. 

I am required to complete the edTPA performance assessment which demonstrates my teacher  development, skills and knowledge that all teachers need to ensure students are learning. The cost for  this assessment is $300, payable to vendor.  Pearson edTPA registration link:

I understand that successfully passing the edTPA performance assessment is solely my responsibility and  that in the event I do not receive a passing score, I will need to resubmit my portfolio (vendor fees will  apply). A passing edTPA score is a requirement for completing the ASPIRE program as well as a  requirement for NJDOE certification. 

I am required to complete all ASPIRE program pre-, mid- and post-surveys before I receive my program  completion certificate.

Computer Access: You will be required to check email and access course materials online;  therefore, daily access to a computer is required. We will trust you to set up your Canvas notifications appropriately so that you can be aware of any messages or feedback from ASPIRE  to Teach at Rowan administrative staff.

Video Recording Device: You will be required to have a video recording device (i.e. phone, video recorder) that captures audio and video. 

Policy on Academic Integrity: Academic integrity is fundamental to education. Authentic  learning and improvement demands teachers who have the utmost integrity. The ASPIRE to  Teach program expects teachers to adhere to the highest standards in matters of academic  honesty. Please visit the Rowan University Provost’s website for the full academic integrity  policy:

Registration Deadline: 
09/08/2022 - 11:59pm
Semester 1 Fee: $2,000
Technology Fee: $250 (only charged during Semester 1)
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