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Level: Advanced. 

With the global public cloud computing market topping $250 billion in 2019, and more than 80% of all organizations projected to migrate to the cloud by 2025, Cloud Computing is a massively growing business. Professionals with cloud architecture expertise, and the ability to design, build and migrate applications are in high demand. Cloud Architects are the drivers of an organization's cloud architecture strategy, determining the best plan to build and deploy reliable, scalable, and secure cloud services. With Udacity's new AWS Cloud Architect Nanodegree program, students learn to plan, design, and implement secure cloud infrastructure in AWS at scale. AWS is the world's largest systems business and a Cloud Architect earns an average salary of $159,000!

Lead your organization's cloud computing strategy as an AWS Cloud Architect. Plan, design, and build secure, high availability cloud infrastructure.

Please review the Syllabus Link for descriptions of courses, technology requirements, and estimated time length to complete the degree:

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  • Registration for AWS Cloud Architect (required for first month)
    • Covers the first month of access 
    • $275
  • Monthly Subscription for AWS Cloud Architect (required for additional months)
    • Please do not pay for additional months until your first month has been completed.
    • Only purchase 1 month of access at a time
    • Covers additional month of access
    • $275 each additional month

Refund Policy:

No refunds are allowed after 48 hours of registration.
No refunds are allowed for monthly subscriptions.