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ENDURING RECORDED COURSE: Registration now open
Time of Enduring Recorded Course: One hour

This is the second of six modules of a live webinar and enduring recorded course series that will use a standardized, evidence-based opioid addiction prevention curriculum to train and inform pharmacists on best practices in opioid dispensing, counseling patients and caregivers, opioid storage and disposal, and halting abuse and diversion.


OBJECTIVES: At the conclusion of this activity, participants will be able to:

  1. Recognize the function of the New Jersey Prescription Monitoring Program (NJ PMP) in halting abuse and diversion, and pharmacist obligations including registration and recognizing suspicious activity.
  2. Outline pharmacist obligations in properly dispensing controlled dangerous substances (CDS) including valid prescription requirements, emergency dispensing, and labeling obligations.
  3. Understand best practices for maintaining security controls against diversion, including physical security controls of controlled dangerous substances (CDS) and interfacing with patients.
  4. Explain drug utilization review and requirements, and the pharmacist’s role alongside the practitioner’s role in counseling patients and their caregivers on new prescriptions.
  5. Apply for standing orders, dispense opioid antidotes, and comply with the Overdose Prevention Act (OPA).
  6. Recommend proper storage and disposal of all prescriptions.
  7. Discuss future guidance for pharmacists in opioid dispensing and management.

AVAILABLE CREDIT: This enduring recorded course satisfies the statutory mandate that pharmacists obtain one credit in continuing education programs concerning prescription opioid drugs as a condition of licensure renewal. Upon successful completion of the enduring recorded course, participants will receive a certificate of completion, and should retain it in accordance with the New Jersey Board of Pharmacy’s regulations.

To receive full credit, you must be present for the entire enduring recorded course activity.

To receive a certificate of completion, complete the Pre-Assessment, Post-Assessment, and Knowledge Assessment.

Hearing Impaired Registrants: This enduring recorded course will contain closed captioning.

For questions pertaining to the New Jersey Licensing Boards, and questions and/or feedback pertaining to module content, please contact Patricia Fortunato, RowanSOM NMI Content Manager/Program Manager at

For technical support with registration and access to the module, please contact the Rowan Online Marketplace Center at (856) 256-5164, or submit an email ticket here.

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