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The Cascade beginner’s class is meant for new Cascade CMS users at Rowan University who already have websites in place and will be responsible for keeping their sites up to date. 

Topics to be covered:

  • How Cascade works
  • How to navigate inside your content
  • How the site navigation is built
  • Pages and how to edit and build them
  • Adding other content
  • Using the built-in text editor

Course Outline:

  1. Basic Skills Quiz
  2. Overview 
    • How Cascade works (editing, sharing, publishing)
    • Finding your content
  3. Basics in Cascade 
    • Names vs Titles
    • Navigating while editing
    • How index pages work with navigation
    • Quick look at navigation
  4. Page “content types” 
    • What they are
    • How to edit and rearrange them
  5. Adding content and how to create a page from scratch
    • Adding banners and images
    • Adding content types
  6. WYSIWYG tutorial 
    • Text editing
    • Adding images

Duration: Approximately 2 to 2.5 hrs
Prerequisites: Since this course is most useful if you can try things out as you go, you should already have Cascade access before you begin. If you need access, you should request it through your site’s ’Cascade Ambassador.’ The list of ambassadors is available on the Knowledge Base page at Users must view the recorded video in the course from their computer in order to work along with the training. 

Note: This class is geared for web editors using the Rowan template. Training for RowanSOM web editors is offered through a different venue.

Once registered, you will be able to access the online course immediately. The link to the course will be listed under your 'Account' tab in the Marketplace.