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Helping someone make a positive change in their life can be a very rewarding experience when things go well.  It can also be a very frustrating experience when the person seems stuck and unable to change.  Talk to anyone who has experience as a coach, counselor, mentor or teacher and you will probably hear plenty of stories about their challenges with clients or students who seem to want to make changes, but don't follow through with their good intentions.

Most coaches, counselors and mentors genuinely care about their clients and give their best efforts to help their clients improve.  The problem is that the coaches, counselors and mentors are often approaching the client using strategies that are well-intentioned, but ineffective.

Motivational Interviewing is a way of helping people change their habits for good by helping them identify and act on their own internal sources of motivation to make the changes that they are ready to make.  When advisors and mentors use Motivational Interviewing principles, students are able to identify the changes they want to make, figure out how to overcome the barriers that keep them from making those changes, create strategies to help themselves make the change and then implement their plan.  

Success Coach Training provides advisors and mentors who currently serve college and upper-level high school students with the skills they need to help them successfully reach their personal and academic goals.  Based on a multi-dimensional wellness philosophy, Success Coach Training integrates academic fulfillment with increased satisfaction in the emotional, social, physical, financial and purpose dimensions of the student’s life.  

How the training program works

Success Coach Training is a 12-hour program that can be delivered in person or through an online platform.  Eight hours are with an instructor and other members of the class; the remaining 4 hours are completed independently, reading course materials, coaching students and completing the course quiz and four logs.  The first four hours of training are conducted in two 2-hour sessions within one week.  The remaining four sessions are one-hour meetings over a 2-3 month period, during which the participants are actively coaching students using the skills they have learned.  (Note:  You are not advised to register for the program if you will not have an opportunity to practice your skills with students through advising or other mentoring experiences during the 2-3 month period after the initial training.)

All participants who successfully complete the program will receive a Certificate of Completion documenting 12 hours of training.

The program is offered each fall and spring semester, with training beginning at the start of the semester.  Groups of 10 or more participants can have a training session scheduled at a time that works for them and may choose to either have the training in person or through an online platform.  If the instructor is driving to the site for an in-person training, there may be an additional fee to cover transportation costs.  Individuals or groups of less than 10 will be combined with a larger group and will need to meet according to a predetermined schedule.

Please email Dr. Leslie Spencer at prior to registering for this program to discuss and set the dates, times and location of the training.  Once you have confirmed the timing and format of your training, you can register for the program and pay for it.


The cost of the program is $175 per person for those not affiliated with Rowan University ($150 per person for Rowan students and employees).

  • Institutions may purchase a block of “coupons” for several participants at once.  They will receive one coupon code for each participant that will allow each one to access the program for free.  
  • Registration is valid for 12 months after the time of purchase.  If the purchaser does not COMPLETE the program within 12 months, the registration will no longer be valid.  Refunds will be offered up to 30 days after the time of purchase.  After 30 days, no refunds will be granted.
  • Groups of 16 or more who register together are charged $155 per person for those not affiliated with Rowan University (Rowan rate is $120 per person). Please contact Dr. Leslie Spencer to receive your discount code.