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“Creating a Trustworthy UME to GME Transition”

Recently, the transition from medical school (UME) to residency (GME) has received a great deal of attention. The current transition is viewed as resource consuming, inequitable and lacking trust. How can we build a more trustworthy and transparent UME-GME transition?  In this talk, we will review the basic tenets of trustworthy systems, summarize select recommendations from recent consensus guidelines to improve the UME-GME transition, and provide an example building a trustworthy competency-based assessment.  

Presented by: 

Michael Barone, MD, MPH 
Vice President, Competency Based Assessment 
National Board of Medical Examiners 
Adjunct Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins University 

The intended audience for this CME activity includes all practicing physicians, residents, fellows, students, nurses, pharmacists, hospital administrators, and medical school administrators.