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This commemorative pasta is named Cent’anni (pronounced chen-TAHni!) for the traditional Italian celebratory salute, “May you live 100 years!”—a sentiment for good health and a full life. But why Rowan pasta? When Thomas Whitney returned from touring Europe in 1847, he designed his now-historic home, Hollybush, like the Italian villas he enjoyed on his travels—and we’re pretty sure he enjoyed pasta there, too. The Whitney legacy of innovation, exploration and service lives on at Rowan, a top 100 national public research institution. With this pasta as nourishment, we joyfully wish all Rowan friends “Cent’anni!”


  • 1-lb. (16 oz.) bag of bronze die-extruded pasta
  • Custom mix of letter-shaped pasta that spells ROWAN and an encircled 100
  • Jersey Fresh, made by Severino Pasta Company in Westmont
  • Unenriched durum wheat semolina flour. Contains wheat.