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Level: Beginner. 

With the SQL Nanodegree program, you will be equipped to know when to utilize SQL to provide data-backed insights into complex business strategies. With Udacity, you will get an in-depth instruction on how to leverage the power of SQL to pull insights from relational databases and learn the situational differences of using relational databases versus non-relational databases like MongoDB and Redis. You won't just learn how to use SQL, you will get hands-on experience with projects, including building a clone of the popular social news aggregation and discussion web site, Reddit! In fact, there are currently over 440,000 jobs that mention SQL on LinkedIn worldwide, which encompasses the broad range of roles that require knowledge of SQL, including titles like product analyst, data analyst, data scientist, business analyst, product manager, software engineer, and more!

Master SQL, the core language for Big Data analysis, and enable insight-driven decision-making and strategy for your business.

Please review the Syllabus Link for descriptions of courses, technology requirements, and estimated time length to complete the degree:

Registration Items:

  • Registration for SQL (required for first month)
    • Covers the first month of access 
    • $275
  • Monthly Subscription for SQL (required for additional months)
    • Please do not pay for additional months until your first month has been completed.
    • Only purchase 1 month of access at a time
    • Covers additional month of access
    • $275 each additional month

Refund Policy:

No refunds are allowed after 48 hours of registration.
No refunds are allowed for monthly subscriptions.