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The ASPIRE to Teach at Rowan University CE Educator Preparation Program provides teacher candidates who hold a New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) issued Certificate of Eligibility (CE) with experiences and guidance to develop and deliver effective instruction to their students while earning their provisional licensure in New Jersey. The curriculum centers on Universal Design for Learning, High-Leverage Practices, and Relationship-Driven Instruction. ASPIRE Lead Instructors (ALIs) work to help each teacher candidate develop proficiency across the New Jersey Professional Standards for Teachers through online learning modules, video coaching, Professional Learning Community (PLC) meetings and individualized support.  ASPIRE is an online program which offers a 50-Hour Pre-Professional Experience Component and a fully supported two-year component with monthly PLC meetings. BEFORE enrolling and beginning the 50-Hour Pre-Professional Experience Component, all teacher candidates must have their NJDOE Certificate of Eligibility.

Who Can Register?

CE candidates must complete a minimum amount of 50 hours of pre-professional experience at a CE EPP prior to employment. The Verification of Program Completion for Certificate of Eligibility Educator Preparation Program (CEEPP) form showing completion of the 50 hours must be presented to the hiring school in order to obtain a provisional certificate. Once you have secured employment, it is the responsibility of the hiring school district to enroll you in the Provisional Teacher Process. A provisional certificate is then issued which is valid for a period of up to two years. The PTP is a school-based training and evaluation program provided during the initial years of teaching in New Jersey.

Step 1: Pre-Professional Experience 50-Hour Component

Price: $325

Candidates will engage in the following actives:

  • 20 hours of online modules designed for planning lesson plans and classroom management.
  • 20 hours of clinical experience, including at least 10 hours of planning and delivering instruction via individual or co-teaching module.
  • 10 hours of orientation includes: intro to our technology platforms, assessment/survey, program overview, policies, and procedures. Orientations will be scheduled as required.

NOTE: Pursuant to NJDOE guidelines, candidates will be expected to complete the ASPIRE Pre-Professional Experience 50-Hour Component in conjunction with the ASPIRE two-year program once employment has been obtained in CE content area/grade.

Step 2: Two-Year Program Component

Please note: The 50-Hour Component is a pre-requisite requirement to move into the Two-Year Program.

The following program component semesters will need to be taken in sequential order. Course registration opens in June for a course start date in September. Course registration opens in October for a course start date in January.

  • Two-Year Program Semester 1 - $2,250  (this includes a $250 non refundable application/processing fee)
    • Module 1: Teacher Toolbox: Integrating Technology into the Classroom 
    • Module 2: Getting Started in the Classroom
    • Module 3: Establishing a Positive Classroom Environment
    • Module 4: Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
  • Two-Year Program Semester 2 - $2,000
    • Module 1: Unit Planning
    • Module 2: edTPA
    • Module 3: Special Education 101 for General Education Teachers 
    • Module 4: ALI Work Session Preparation
  • Two-Year Program Semester 3 - $2,000
    • Module 1: Enhancing Student Motivation and Responsibility
    • Module 2: Literacy and English Language Arts
    • Module 3: Literacy in the Content Area
    • Module 4: ALI Work Session Preparation
  • Two-Year Program Semester 4 - $2,000
    • Module 1: Building Restorative Communities
    • Module 2: Restorative Practices
    • Module 3: English Language Acquisition 
    • Module 4: The State Certification Process

Candidates will engage in online platforms and complete assignments connected to their work in classrooms and their development as an educator. Signature elements of the program include:

ASPIRE Online Modules/Guided Explorations

  • Average of 20-25 hours/per month
  • Complete learning modules with feedback provided by ALIs


  • One meeting per month (all monthly meetings take place the last Saturday of each month during the semester, unless otherwise noted)
  • Engage with other candidates while learning special topics and issues specific to new teachers

ASPIRE Lesson Video Uploads and ALI Feedback

  • 1-2 video lessons upload each semester
  • Reflect on teaching through an ALI Coaching Cycle

ASPIRE Formal Monthly Check-In

  • One-on-one meeting
  • Dialogue with ALI at least once a month