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The College of Humanities & Social Sciences (CHSS) offers three self-directed learning modules that all CHSS faculty members can incorporate into their academic classes. Each module will provide vital instruction from CHSS student leaders, staff, faculty members, and alumni that will empower students to pursue their career goals. 

The certificate programs that faculty members can incorporate into their classes include: 

  • Beginner Module - Who Am I & What Do I Want to Do?: As CHSS majors complete their freshman and sophomore years of college, they must begin to research, reflect, and become actively involved in the career exploration process. Through this module, students will receive a foundation to start actualizing how their purpose can correspond with their sense of self and possible career options.
  • Intermediate Module - Taking Charge of Your Future Career Success: A critical stage of students’ junior year is forming their academic and career goals. Completing the intermediate level module allows students to research potential career options, create a compass to direct them towards their desired career, and begin creating application material for the job search process. 
  • Advanced Module - Crossing the Finish Line & the Start of Your Next Journey: Students’ senior year signifies a period of change and new beginnings. The advanced level module equips students with the fundamental knowledge to identify, apply, and secure viable employment and advanced degree opportunities. Completing the content from this module will allow students to begin pursuing their career objectives before graduation and to have a head start on their new life journey.

Each module will be an asynchronous learning experience that will involve seven to eight videos that are three to five minutes in length. After each video, students will complete a three-question quiz that will assess what they learned, and students must score a 100% to proceed into the following video. Upon completing all of the videos and quizzes, students will receive a certificate of completion that they can submit by a due date established by their professor for proof that they completed the module. 


All videos and quizzes within each module must be submitted by the date assigned by he students’ academic professor. CHSS faculty members have complete control assigning the specific date the certificate of completion is due. 


There is no charge to enroll in any of the Self Directed Learning Modules. 


Important Information: 

Please create a marketplace account with the name and email address of the individual who will be completing these modules. The marketplace account information will be the name shown in the course and on the certificate of completion. Lastly, please email Patrick Massaro ( if you have any questions or difficulty completing the module