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Workshop 1: Bringing Jazz Into the Classroom: A Blueprint for the Non-Jazzer

Skip Spratt, instructor

This course is designed for the “non-jazzer” with a desire to better understand and utilize jazz pedagogy in any educational setting. Elements such as jazz interpretation and improvisation as well as how to teach these concepts in the classroom will be of primary focus. Using proven and reputable jazz resources, participants will learn the basics of improvisation as well as the theoretical elements such as modal improvisation, 12 bar blues, pattern playing and stylistic considerations. Participants may rehearse and perform on their primary instrument or instrument of choice. No previous jazz or improvisational experience is required.

When: June 24-28, 2024

Location and Time: 12:30 - 5:30, Wilson Room 107

Price: $350

Workshop 2: Engaging Movement in General Music: Thinking Outside the Box

Dr. Missy Strong, instructor

Movement is integral to true understanding in music, helping students better comprehend multiple music concepts. Movement also lends to a sense of community and belonging, assisting teachers with many overarching cultural sensitivity and social/emotional goals. Besides looking at a sequential framework for approaching movement from Pre-K through Middle School, you’ll learn why movement (including folk dancing) is crucial in the general music classroom. Lastly, but crucially, we will discuss how to boldly and joyfully include all genres of music, including Pop, Global, Classical, and Hip Hop, to help meet students where they are and draw them into this important (and fun!) component of being musical. 

When: July 08-12, 2024

Location and Time: 12:30 - 5:30, Wilson Room 107

Price: $350


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