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Apprenticeships are structured training programs that include both classroom and on-the-job training. Apprentices are supervised by experienced employees and progress through training on a schedule, ensuring that they have mastered the work before proceeding. Apprenticeships are proven to train workers in the skills employers need. 

The goal of the Cannabis Apprenticeship is to provide the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities for Cannabis Cultivation, Cannabis Manufacturing, Cannabis Retail, and Cannabis Distribution in an effort to recruit and develop a highly skilled workforce, provide access to good jobs, increase equity, increase productivity, reduce turnover and improve employee morale.  

This Cannabis Apprenticeship Program has been developed to prepare and train the incoming workforce on the complexities of the cannabis industry.  The program has been designed to position entry level cannabis retail candidates for success and long term career growth.  In concert with the United Food & Commercial Workers 360 Union (“UFCW 360”), Rowan University, and licensed cannabis retail establishments, students will be trained on all New Jersey laws, regulations, and operating procedure requirements set forth by the NJ Cannabis Regulatory Commission.  Students who have been accepted into the program will gain knowledge on the ins and outs of running a safe/secure dispensary, managing the customer experience, and maintaining a state of compliance at all times.  From Seed to Shelf, this course will provide an end-to-end overview of the plant’s life cycle while immersing the students into a retail training experience.


  • Approved Apprenticeship Application through the UFCW
  • Successful completion of the Pre-Apprenticeship and OSHA training program.
  • Actively employed or seeking employment within the  cannabis industry.

Required Materials

  • Technical requirements:
    • All students must have access to a computer (chromebooks are not acceptable)
    • All online material will be hosted in the Canvas Learning Management System
  • All handouts/readings will be provided by the instructors

Weekly Time Commitment & Requirements:  10 hours per week Total

  • Onsite:  Students are required to attend class onsite at Rowan University each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6:30-8:30pm.
  • Quiz: Students will complete a 30 question quiz each week to test their knowledge and retention of the course material.
  • Homework:  Students will be assigned 4 hours of take home work per week which will be required for course completion & class participation credit.  Take home assignments will consist of take home readings/ industry periodicals/news & headlines, short written assignments, online discussion forums, and other assignments as outlined within Canvas.