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Home > Departments > College of Humanities and Social Sciences > CHSS Self Directed Learning Modules > Fall23/Spring24: Intermediate Module: Taking Care of Your Future Career Success

A critical stage of students’ junior year is outlining their academic and career goals. Recognizing and understanding students’ desired life outcomes through a personal and professional lens is necessary for designing their chosen profession. Completing the intermediate level module allows students to research potential career options, create a compass to direct them towards their desired career, and begin creating application material for the job search process. The accumulation of these concepts is vital to empower students to take responsibility for their future career success.


All videos and quizzes within each module must be submitted by the date assigned by he students’ academic professor. CHSS faculty members have complete control assigning the specific date the certificate of completion is due. 

Important Information: 

Please create a marketplace account with the name and email address of the individual who will be completing these modules. The marketplace account information will be the name shown in the course and on the certificate of completion. Lastly, please email Patrick Massaro ( if you have any questions or difficulty completing the module.